NST has been developing system and equipment for efficient gas usage.

Our gas application technology helps increasing cutomers' productivity.
We have been improving our services for stable gas supply to customers.
Gas Applications
Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation has been developing system and equipment for efficient gas usage at customers. With leading-edge technology from laboratories in Tsukuba and Yamanashi, Japan, we keep supporting all the customers.
Mix Gas for Welding: SANARC®
Welding technology
at Yamanashi Lab
Create new possibility
on welding process!
Make cost down come true!
We can speed up your welding process, improve your welding quality and decrease works after welding process. We also reduce your cost on welding process.
Welding Technology
Do you have these problems?
Spatters Burn through Inadequate penetration Pits Blowholes Distortion Bead oxidation Lack of skilled woker
Food Industry Technology
We have been developing technology for food industry. The field of our technology is expanding.
  • Food
  • Industry
Cryogenic freezer
Bistranza FZ
Rapid cooling & freezing
  • Rapid freezing of foods in -120℃
  • High quality freezing
  • Freezing temperature is adjustable
  • Usable for freezing meats, fishes, fruits, etc.
  • Food
Food Packaging
Bristranza MAP
  • Extending shelf life
  • For automation of packaging
  • Cost down
  • NST can propose the best gas for each food
  • Food
  • Medical
Individual Quick Freezing
Bistranza IQF
  • Freeze liquid into sphere shape
  • Used for foods, medicines, chemicals
  • Food
Freezer for
 Ice Cream
Bistranza ICE
  • For better quality
  • Quick freezing
  • Food
  • Science
Removal of Dissolved Oxygen
  • For quality improvement
  • Remove dissolved Oxygen in liquid
  • Used for oils, chemicals, wines
  • Food
Oxygen Enrichment for Aquaculture
  • For higher density aquaculture
  • High Oxygen enrichment rate
  • Grow faster, prevent deseases
  • Food
Liquid Nitrogen Instillation
  • For bottled liquid
  • Remove Oxygen
  • Extend shelf life
  • Keep pressure in a bottle
Heat Treatment
For heat treatment process, the temperature, time and types of gas must be considered. We can analyze current production process, and propose the best solution.
Improve heat treatment quality!
Strength Accuracy Inadequate Density Color Change
Atmospheric analysis inside a heat treatment furnace
We clarify atmospheric problems in a heat treatment furnace, and propose solutions.
Simulation inside a heat treatment furnace
We can show the flow of gas inside a furnace by our technology. We propose the best gas flow and temperature.
Our combustion technology brings the biggest productivity to customers.
  • Oxygen burner for Glass furnace
  • Reduce fuel cost and increase productivity
  • Original nozzles of fuel and Oxygen
Electric Furnace
Control the temperature to -196℃ Our cryogenic technology is applied to many fields
Medical Science Food Rubber Semiconductor Industry Construction
The merits of Liquid Nitrogen
  • Rapid freezing
  • Stable chemical reaction in stable low temperature
  • Energy cost down, short working time
  • Simple and compact equipment
  • Reduce CO2
  • Reduce vibration, emission of gas
Cryogenic Technology
  • Medical
  • Science
Cryogenic Chemical Reaction Control
  • Use Liquid Nitrogen as cooling media
  • For stable chemical reaction
  • Temperature control: +130 ~ -100℃
  • For medical and fine chemical field
  • Science
Recycle VOC
  • Recover VOC from exhausted gas
  • Low temperature
  • Usable at explosion protection area
  • Construction
Concrete Cooling
Liquefied Nitrogen is mixed into concrete. This Liquefied Nitrogen controls the concrete temperature before casting.
  • Industry
  • Food
Low Temperature Grinding System
  • Grinding at low temperature
  • For thermoplastic resin, functional resin, food etc.
  • Fine powder with same diameter
  • Also used for herbal medicines, medicines that will deteriorate if heat is applied, and foods that smell off if heat is applied
  • Medicine
  • Science
Liquid Nitrogen Freeze Dryer
  • Quick freeze & dry
  • Colder than other methods in the vacuum freeze dryer
  • Shorten drying time, quick freezing of product
  • Attracting attention in the field of vaccine and medicine.
  • Construction
Soil Freezing
  • Freezing at low temperature
  • Soil freezing at the start of the excavation
  • Soil freezing at the time of soil sample collection
  • Shorten the freezing time and increase productivity
  • Rubber
Deflashing Machine
  • Deflashing at low temperature
  • For rubber products
  • Use shot materials
  • Machines for automatic deflashing
  • Semiconductor
  • Industry
Supply of Low Temperature Gas
  • Cool Gas is used to cool semiconductor or environmental test equipment
  • Used to cool special parts
  • Used to cool cutting tools
  • Industry
  • Medical
Gas Humidifier
  • Humidity control
  • Humidifies N2 and Ar with high accuracy
  • Up to about 80% Humidity
  • A polymer membrane
Gas Supply Equipment
We can propose gas supply equipment (storage tanks, vaporizers),
PLC (portable liquid container), air separation plant, N2 generator (PSA), gas detectors, etc.
Piping Work
NST has an advanced piping work technology that has been cultivated over 40 years. With the experience and high trust from customers, we can install high quality pipeline in order to use safe and high-quality gas such as pipeline for semiconductors, food industry, and hospitals. Please consult NST for the best solution.
NST maintains gas supply facilities such that they deliver gas to customers 365 days. We carry out the maintenance based on our accumulated know-how on preventive maintenance and post-maintenance, and extensive knowledge and experience.

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